Eric Sloan 2020 Arizona Corporation Commission



"Arizona families and business need a Commissioner who understands what it takes to raise a family and start a business in Arizona. As a father, husband, and small business owner I have the experience, values, and temperament to defend Arizonans at the Commission"

Fiscally Responsible Leadership

"Many Arizonans have faced double digit increases in their utility bills. The job of a Commissioner should always be to put Arizonans first when making decisions about rates. By keeping rates low Arizonans will have more money to invest in housing, education, childcare, and healthcare."

Protecting Arizonans

"I will work to implement consumer protections for Arizonans in extreme heat and cold. This is a common sense solution to protect Arizonans. Utility shutoffs in extreme weather have led to heat related deaths during the summer months. These deaths were tragic and avoidable. Consumer protections are a life safety issue and we must put the preservation of life ahead of corporate profits."

Arizonans First

"The Corporation Commission is responsible for ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable utility service. Commissioners have to protect Arizona's future by ensuring that Arizona can take full advantage of developing technologies, renewable energy, and well maintained, safe and reliable utility service. The Future of Arizona depends on it."

Fighting Financial Crime

"Financial fraud is a serious crime and a major concern for all Arizonans. I will be tough on financial crimes requiring restitution to investors. I will work with the legislature to strengthen protections and with the Arizona Attorney General’s office to facilitate the prosecution of white collar criminals."