Eric Sloan 2020 Arizona Corporation Commission

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Get to Know Eric Sloan

Eric and Alisa Sloan have been married for twelve years and they are the proud parents of an amazing little girl. Eric met his beautiful wife Alisa in June of 2008. They were married in December of 2008. Eric said, "When I met Alisa, I knew I was going to marry her. She was the smartest, most beautiful, and funniest women I had ever met. God put us together." In 2009, at the height of the great recession Alisa and Eric started their family business. In 2012, God blessed their family with a little girl. Alisa and Eric named Little Sloan after his mother as a tribute to her courage and grace.

Eric has a professional background in economic development and education public policy. Eric was selected to be a member of the Phoenix Business Journal 40 under 40. Eric is also a graduate of Valley Leadership and Operation Enterprise. Eric's has been fortunate to work on the largest commercial development projects in the history of Arizona. Eric is a graduate of Arizona State University. Eric's work on veterans issues and to make Arizona a primary training base for the F-35 led him to be the youngest honorary commander at Luke Air Force base. When asked why he volunteers so much, Eric said "I love Arizona. I want it to be the state my daughter raises her family, I work everyday to make it better for her."

How Eric got to Arizona: Eric's mother moved their family to Arizona in 1993. She had graduated college with a masters degree in behavior health, with the goal of helping people overcome their drug and alcohol addictions. At her graduation party, she was given a scratch off ticket. She won $1,000 on that ticket and came to Arizona on vacation. On that trip, she bought a house in the middle of a cotton field in Chandler, Arizona. She always said that she bought the Chandler house because Arizona had low taxes, safe schools for her sons, and unlimited opportunity. She was right and the Sloan family has been in Arizona, the best state in the union, ever since.

When Eric graduated high school, he put himself through college. First attending Mesa Community College (MCC) and then Arizona State University. At MCC, Eric was recognized for his volunteerism as member of AmeriCorps and also as a Coca Cola Scholar. Eric transferred to Arizona State University where he played for the Rugby Club and received a bachelors degree. Eric's mother went home to be with the Lord the day he graduated from ASU. She died from a reoccurrence of breast cancer. Eric said, "That was supposed to be a great day, but it was the saddest day of my life, a new chapter of my life had begun and I was alone in the world." In 2008, Eric met Alisa and they started their family. Eric said, "We were lucky. We started with more than most people, we had each other." Eric and Alisa completed their family when they had their little girl. They now live in Prescott and Scottsdale.

Service: Eric has served his community by being a founding member of the Blue Blazers Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, on the board of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in Phoenix, and on the board of the Citizens Police Academy. Eric and Alisa are active members of their church. The Sloan family actively supports causes that protect the unborn, provide meals for people in need and support local evangelical missions.

Eric is running for the Arizona Corporation Commission to defend our families and everyday Arizonans from increased utility rates. Eric supports cutting unnecessary regulations and eliminating taxes. He believes the role of a Commissioner is to protect Arizonans and do what is in the best interest of Arizonans.